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A Solid Foundation

  • In house graphic professionals make your crowdfunding campaign look stunning
  • Expert crowdfunding campaign strategists help you create a viral crowdfunding campaign
  • A robust crowdfunding portal with the fastest backing process… never lose a backer for second guessing again

Amplified Crowdfunding Reach

  • Your personal publicist will submit a carefully drafted press release to 200+ media outlets
  • Advertising specialists to run ads for you – which by the way, we pay for.
  • Reach over 500,000 eager backers through our partner programs.

Long Term Growth

  • Our executive team will help you integrate your crowdfunding campaign into a long term vision to harness all its viral power.
  • Get introduced to key partners from all industries to 10x your business.
  • Explore further funding opportunities from 2nd crowdfunding rounds, to equity crowdfunding, and introductions to trusted Venture Capital partners.

And best of all… it works.

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