Crowdfunding Email Marketing 101

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In a marketing world where most people are hyper-focused on social media, the OG of digital marketing, Email, often gets forgotten. Emails however can generate far more impressions and clicks than most social media ever could, as social media has become very cluttered over the years. Email also offers you the opportunity to carefully draft your offer and build relationships in a more private fashion than a comment section would allow. Here is how you utilize it:

Set up a landing/lead page

Set up a highly converting landing page. There is a whole world of education on this facet alone, so to keep it short you can use something as simple as WordPress or utilize custom made platforms like Clickfunnels.

What should be on it?

  1. An email sign up box (duh)
  2. No other links that could lead people away
  3. Compelling video, text, and/or images. As much as you need to explain and no more.

Have a hook

We all receive too much email already, so why would they willingly receive even more emails? Because of your hook:

  1. Giving their email will enter them in a giveaway
  2. Giving their email will allow them Early Bird pricing
  3. Giving their email will give them something free

Engage Strategically

Start engaging with them weekly as they sign up to keep your name in their mind. Keep it brief and keep it interesting. Make sure to always remind them of your product launch date.

  1. Hit them 1 week before launch with a second offer to get them to open the email. Have the offer be contingent upon them getting other friends to sign up.
  2. Hit them 3 days before launch reminding them how important the first 24 hours are (for crowdfunding) and that Early Bird specials are limited and that email subscribers will get first dibs
  3. Hit them on launch day
  4. Hit them on Day 2 — Thanking them for their support and what you were able to accomplish
  5. Ease up on email volume a little, and drop in emails at any major milestone such as Media feature, Hitting a 25%, 50%, 75%, 100% on a crowdfunding campaign etc.
  6. In case of a crowdfunding campaign, rally them close to campaign close

Studies and numbers vary, but various authorities have said it takes 7, 12, 18 or even 21 impressions on a customer to turn him/her into a customer. This does not mean to bother your interested leads by bombarding them with “BUY MY STUFF” emails, but rather means that you should come up with 7–21 unique ways to pitch them. Focus on different features of your product, talk about your team and journey, share wins and get them excited.

Look at it like this: You have 7 to 21 opportunities to tell a well rounded story. A story people want to become part of.

Now get to work, they are waiting to hear from you.

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