Assembling a Winning Crowdfunding Team at Little to No Cost

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Build a Crowdfunding Team

Your campaign is only as strong as the crowdfunding team that stands behind it. There are many hats you will be wearing during your campaign, and it is essential that you have the right individuals in your corner that can effectively manage the tasks that will make or break your success. The goal here is not to get tons of people on full time payroll, but rather to leverage relationships to get the RIGHT people with the skills you need, where one hour of their time can save you ten of yours.

Someone with the Vision

This person will be in charge of communicating the vision of the project to FundThis’ various experts, from the campaign strategists and publicists, to the ad specialists. This person truly understands the Brand and knows how to succinctly communicate it. This should be one of the creators themselves. In the case of two or more creators it helps if one person gets to call the shots, as constant team meets to discuss everything from PR to Social Media will ultimately slow things down tremendously.

Someone that knows Social Media and is Reliable

That someone can be the creator as well, but if you’ve never touched social media before, or have cumulatively less than 100 friends across platforms, you may be better off recruiting someone that is active on on social media and tends to get lots of engagement online. Social Media is where most of modern day marketing goes down, so it is key that you use its strength to the fullest. In exchange for an internship title or a small stipend you could recruit a social media savvy college student, just make sure that they are reliable and post regularly.

Someone proficient in Graphic Design and Photography

Nothing makes marketing easier than original and fresh pictures and designs. On Facebook, posts with images get over 100% more comments and 50% more likes than plain text posts, according to Hubspot. FundThis will help you in putting some awesome graphics together, but it can help having a friend with a good camera that can spontaneously take new pictures of your product and slap a nice slogan or pitch on it. We can take care of the fancy stuff, but having someone that can make some nice pictures for daily social media posts goes a long way.

Campaign Manager

Running a campaign can get overwhelming. And even though you are the boss, and you run the show, it can help to have someone that keeps you organized, just like any politician running for office. There are many ways to handle this. One option is that a team member takes this role, and keeps track of all action items and their deadlines, and holds team members accountable. For a solo-campaigner a great alternative is asking a spouse, close friend, or relative (that you talk to regularly). In 5-10 minutes a day they could check up on you, and make sure you are not forgetting anything and are meeting all your deadlines.

Booster Team

The booster team is a group of family and friends that support and love you, and help you boost your social media. Whenever you have exciting news (launch, being covered by media, new perks, milestones, etc.) they will share out the info to their friends, and/or like and comment on the things you put out. Essentially this is no more time than clicking a few share buttons throughout the campaign month. But it can make a big difference whether you are the only one shouting from the rooftops, or if there are 5+ people all talking about this new product. This is a low effort ask, and should be secured easily. We also encourage our campaigners to support each other! It may seem too much at times to share your campaign over and over, so on some days you may want to promote each other to change things up!


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