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Less than 10 years ago, Crowdfunding as we know it was born. Since then it has grown to immense popularity, but has also ceased to innovate and pursue the very mission at its heart: To Democratize Capitalism. We at FundThis are here to do just that. We are here to empower you to realize your dreams, by providing you the support, strategies, and technology to raise more funds faster than ever.

The Executive Team behind FundThis

Anthony Perera, COO & Co-Founder

A seasoned serial entrepreneur, Anthony has exited three multi-million dollar companies, across industries ranging from publishing, consumer goods and hospitality. In 2014 Mr. Perera began laying the groundwork to build FundThis. As COO and Co-Founder, Anthony’s mission is to brand and position FundThis as the premier platform in the both the reward-based and equity crowdfunding arenas.

Felix Hartmann, CEO & Branding Guru

Coming from a marketing and sales background, Felix was part of the founding teams behind the Next Gen Summit and Sup-X, where he ran the Marketing and Sales division. As a branding consultant, Felix worked with countless startups and has had #1 bestselling product launches. A former trader, Hartmann is particularly excited about creating the most innovative Equity Crowdfunding Platform on the web.

David Hartmann, CTO & Co-Founder

A graduate of Florida Atlantic University with degrees in Computer Science and Mathematics, David has worked as senior developer on a variety of projects granting him a deep technical background and understanding. He is a certified Scrum Master and has built multiple scrum development teams while building a software engineering firm (TSL). He guides the technology development of FundThis.

The truth is that crowdfunding is 50% having a great product and 50% being a great marketer. Those that do well on traditional crowdfunding sites happen to be the rare breed that has both the brains of an inventor and the charisma of a marketer. Most people are one or the other, however. That’s why here at FundThis, we serve the following two demographics:

1 Those with great ideas, as well as a great grasp on marketing.

We know you will succeed wherever you go, but with our commitment and resources, we will push the envelope and help you 2x – 10x what you aimed to raise.

2Those with great ideas alone.

Marketing is not everyone’s thing. We get it. But, if you have a truly great idea that can make this world a better place, then nothing should stand in your way. We have done the marketing research for you and have the tools and strategies to help you get the word out. You still have to put in the work, but you no longer need to reinvent the wheel and learn the foreign world of marketing from scratch. Instead we will guide you and tell you exactly what works and what doesn’t and will be with you every step of the way.

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