Do you have a dream? No, not the kind you get from eight hours of sleep, a dream dream. The legacy you want to leave in this world, the reason everyone will know your name. The dream to create an epic new video game, or record an amazing music album, or to launch the next social networking revolution that will take the world by storm. That dream.


Not every great idea eventually comes to fruition through a major retailer, publisher, or distributor. But that’s fine–there are plenty of people out there who would prefer to engage with and support innovators on a direct, more personal level. Join FundThis today. You’ll make a difference for a project or business owner, and help build a new and more collaborative economy.


Admit it. You’ve dreamed of launching a crowdfunding campaign before. Crowdfunding has quickly escalated from just a trendy buzzword to a mainstream fundraising model. Crowdfunding, or collaborative funding via the web, has quickly evolved to become the new norm outside of as well as within the sharing economy.


Just about every great idea needs money to take off. That’s where FundThis comes in. FundThis is a place where anyone can donate to help fund your project and jumpstart your dreams. And if you want to help others with theirs, you can find a project you believe in and donate to, to be a part of the next big thing.

Best of luck, dreamers.

FundThis EasyPerk

Want to offer rewards to your backers but don’t want the hassle of fulfillment?

Devote your time to managing your project and let FundThis handle sending the rewards: just drop your design into our EasyPerk widget, choose the style and options you want to offer, and let us do the rest, from pay processing to getting the packages on porches. Learn more.

Bitcoin Payment

Dig Bitcoin? No problem–you’ll soon be able to create and contribute to projects with Bitcoin as easily with USD.

Simply add your BTC address to add a funding or payout account. Unlike other platforms, you don’t have to worry about having enough to cover pledges towards projects or contributors to your own coming through in the 11th hour. For more information on BTC-based projects, click here.


Are you representing a U.S.-based non-profit?

Enter your organization’s tax-exempt info for quick approval, and your organization’s first project will receive proceeds towards your cause with no percentage fees deducted. Learn more here.


Got a great idea but all available capital is earmarked for Red Bull, ramen, and rent?

Users completing signup with a valid .edu address may create their first project and incur no fees aside from payment processing and EasyPerk. Simply sign up, create and launch.

How Can I Back a Campaign?

FundThis accepts 126 currencies and Bitcoin, so you can choose for your dream project to be backed however you like. Choose the amount, pick your currency, and watch what happens.

What Do I Get in Return?

FundThis projects offer perks from t-shirts and mugs, to a shout-out in a video, to a thank you note from the creators. Oh, and that warm and fuzzy feeling you undoubtedly get from making another’s dream reality.

How Do I Find Projects?

FundThis is available for Android, iOS, and desktop, so you can track your project’s progress where ever you are. You can keep up to date and know when your dream is achieved.

How Do I Receive My Perks?

FundThis maintains a secure account to hold donations until the project is a success. Perks will be shipped by either the creator if they are self-fulfilling, or by FundThis if they choose to fulfill with EasyPerk.

How it Works

Start with an Idea

Have others join your fund

Manage Success

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Equity Available Soon on Fund This

After three long years, on March 25, 2015 the SEC issued new rules for offerings under Regulation A, effectively giving investors more choices. The long awaited promise of democratizing investment in startups and small businesses in the U.S. through equity crowdfunding laws is about to be fulfilled. These new rulings come under Title IV of the JOBS Act and will done initially through what are called Regulation A+ investment offerings.
The new regulations are expected to be effect in June 2015, allowing every investor, whether accredited or unaccredited, to participate in these offerings. Reg A will open many more offerings in growing companies to everyone, which will increase capital formation and grow jobs and the economy. Our team of lawyers is working to make equity available on Fund This as soon as possible. And we’ll be sure to keep you informed.

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